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consisted of ground sloths and armadillos which came northward from South America,. and horses, saber-toothed cats, mammoths, antelopes, and muskoxen that crossed over the. land bridge from Asia into North America. For the longest time fossils from many parts of North America were the only.

Armadillo | mammal | Britannica.com The pink fairy armadillo uses a different strategy. As its scientific name, C. truncatus, suggests, the fairy armadillo is truncated; the rear of the carapace is vertical, and the animal uses it as a flat plate to plug the entrance of its burrow. Armadillos also may run away, burrow, or claw at attackers. Armadillos in Research Why are armadillos used for research? Odd though it may seem, armadillos might someday help cure leprosy (Hansen’s disease). Researchers have found that the core body temperature of the armadillo is low enough to favor the growth of the leprosy-causing bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. What Is an Armadillo's Defensive Adaptation? | Reference.com

What Is an Armadillo's Defensive Adaptation? The armadillo's primary defensive adaptation is its outer armor, which is made of horn and bone. Armadillos also use camouflage to blend into their environment, and one variety can roll up into a ball to protect its softer underside.

The Armadillo Themes - eNotes.com Discussion of themes and motifs in Elizabeth Bishop's The Armadillo. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of The Armadillo so you can excel on your essay or test. Some Facts about the Armadillo... - Yard Gard Animal Deterrents

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Pink armadillos ain’t your Texas critters | Science News Pink armadillos ain’t your Texas critters DIGGING DIRT Pink fairy armadillos have claws so specialized for digging that they struggle to walk on hard surfaces. Nicholas Smythe/Getty Images Research on armadillos: a review and prospectus | Journal of ... Number of publications per range country (countries where armadillos occur naturally) for papers about armadillos published between 1989 and 2013. The total number of publications is provided as well as the number where armadillos were the main topic of the paper. Countries are listed in order of total number of publications. Armadillo Facts | Live Science Some people eat armadillos and claim it tastes like pork. The nine-banded armadillo is the official state animal of Texas. The giant armadillo can have up to 100 teeth, according to the San Diego Zoo.

Armadillo's Story - Tree of Life Web Project Since armadillos and humans are both placental mammals, is it reasonable to say that they are closely related? Not really. There is great diversity even within one mammal subclass. Eutheria includes over 4000 living species of different shapes, sizes, and habitats. To really get to know the armadillo, even greater distinction must be made. (13)